How to Use ‘Capture Outside the Frame’ for Photos and Videos in iPhone 11 Pro

Uzair Ghani
capture outside the frame

We will show you how to use the 'Capture Outside the Frame' feature for photos and videos on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max.

'Capture Outside the Frame' Feature on iPhone 11, 11 Pro Makes Cropping and Recomposing a Breeze

Here's a situation: you had a moment's notice to take a shot with your iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro, but of course, you managed to crop in a little bit, cutting out the subject while also managing to keep things off-axis on the x plane. Your shot's ruined. Or is it? Well, not quite, especially if you have one particular feature enabled on your iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro.

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Enter - Capture Outside the Frame for Photos and Videos

Thanks to that wide angle lens on both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, Apple was able to pull off something really remarkable, a feature which it calls 'Capture Outside the Frame.' The name might not entirely give it away at first, but it's a feature you must enable right away for photos as it is enabled by default for videos.

How it works is actually quite simple. When you record a QuickTake video (by pressing and holding the shutter button) or snap a photo, iOS is going to use the wide camera to capture content that is not in the frame. So when you are done with your video or photo, you can simply make adjusts afterwards while using the data from the wider lens. This means that whenever you straighten a photo or video, you won't crop in a little at all. In fact, you can actually zoom out further if you want, in order to include subjects or landscape which you thought you entirely missed out.

How to Enable the Feature

Enabling this feature is actually a piece of cake. Just follow the steps outlined below:

1. Launch the Settings app.

2. Scroll down and tap on Camera.

3. Now enable the 'Photos Capture Outside the Frame.' The video feature should be enabled by default.

4. Also enable the 'Auto Apply Adjustments' toggle switch.

Enable Capture Outside the Photos

Take the Feature for a Test Run

Note: The feature does not work when you are using the ultra-wide lens, obviously. You should be using the wide or telephoto lens in order to capture outside the frame. Furthermore, the feature will not work all the time, and will only kick in when your iPhone realizes that your composition is not quite right so you can make adjustments later.

At this point, your iPhone is ready to capture content outside the frame. The best way to test this out is by snapping a landscape photo and deliberately take a bad shot. Also make sure that the photo is not straight. Once you are done, launch the Photos app, open the image you just took, and then tap on Edit.

Here, simply tap on the crop tool and try to straighten the image, you'll notice that regardless of what sort of adjustment you make, iOS is not cropping in at all in order to compensate for the bad framing. Furthermore, you can simply zoom out to get a wider perspective using the crop tool.

zoom out after enabling capture outside the frame

For video, shoot a QuickTake clip by pressing and holding down on the shutter button in the Camera app. Once the video is saved, tap on Edit in the Photos app, then tap on the Options icon (three dots) in the top right hand corner. Now select Use Content Outside the Frame. You are now using the wide camera data to crop or make any sort of adjustment you want.

If an adjustment was applied automatically, you will see a blue 'Auto' badge on the top right hand corner of the photo and video.

Capture Outside the Frame Will Eat up Storage

As your iPhone is using multiple sources to save a photo or video, therefore your iPhone will run out of storage space pretty quickly. But, here's the interesting thing: Apple did realize this and will therefore automatically delete the extra data after 30 days, provided you do not use it to make adjustments to your photos or videos at all, ending up freeing plenty of storage space.

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