How to Switch to a 24-Hour Clock on iPhone and iPad


Today we will show you how you can switch your 12-hour (AM/PM) clock to a 24-hour one on iPhone and iPad in just a few taps.

Switch Over to a 24-Hour Clock on Your iPhone and iPad in a Few Easy Steps

Keeping track of time is extremely crucial and our phones and tablets have become our permanent clocks these days for one simple reason - they are always there when we need it and updated on a regular basis thanks to Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity.

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If you are a time-keeper and wish to change how the clock works on your iPhone and iPad, then you will be delighted to learn that you can switch to a 24-hour clock from the default 12-hour one. It is actually quite simple to switch over, and those coming from Android will find this tutorial handy.

Pick up your iPhone or iPad, and follow through.


Step 1. Launch the Settings app

Step 2. Tap on General

Step 3. Select Date & Time

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Step 4. Toggle the 24-Hour Time switch to the ON position

If you want to switch back to a 12-hour clock, or the default one, then follow the steps outlined above once again and just turn off the switch in the last step. It is that simple.

Personally, the iPhone and iPad has become an important time-keeping device for me. And thanks to recent updates to the iPad, you can now have a glance at the clock right in the status bar, which is nothing but a huge convenience. It saves you from the trouble of pulling down the Notification Center to do the same thing.

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