How to Delete Sticker Packs from Messages App on iPhone and iPad


We will show you how you can delete a sticker pack (or packs) from the Messages app you downloaded from the App Store on iPhone and iPad.

Learn to Delete Unwanted or Unused Sticker Packs from the Messages App on iPhone and iPad

Apple has put in a lot of effort in improving iMessage and the Messages app over the past few years. Probably the biggest leap arrived when Apple opened up iMessage to sticker packs, allowing you expand on your visual vocabulary, opening an entire new world of memes on the iPhone and iPad.

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While all this sounds great, there is no obvious way to delete a sticker pack. And when I say delete, I mean to say: completely get rid of it. But do not worry, we will show you how you can delete any sticker pack from your iPhone and iPad in a few easy steps. Apple has actually made it quite tough to delete these for no reason at all.


Step 1. Launch the Messages app

Step 2. Open any conversation thread

Step 3. In the apps row above the keyboard swipe right until you see three dots on the far right as shown in the screenshot below and tap on it:

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Step 4. Find the sticker pick you wish to delete and swipe left on it

Step 5. Tap on Delete

We really, really wish Apple made it easier to delete sticker packs. We tend to go crazy while trying different ones only to end up not using most of them. What this means is that you end up using up a lot of space on your iPhone and iPad. It is therefore a good idea to delete everything that you do not use and stick with the ones which you think are your go-to ice breakers.

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