How to Download and Save iMessage Photos and Videos on iPhone and iPad

Uzair Ghani
Learn to save iMessage photos and video on iPhone and iPad

Today you will learn how to save iMessage photos and videos straight to the Photos app on your iPhone and iPad.

Save Your Precious Images and Videos from iMessages Straight onto Your iPhone and iPad in a Few Easy Steps

There is a high chance that you are part of a group chat or conversation thread where tons of images and videos are shared on a daily basis. That chat might be on WhatsApp or on iMessage. If it is on the latter, then we will show you how you can save the incoming videos and images straight to the Photos app on your iPhone and iPad so you can view them later or protect them as a memory.

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The whole thing is actually quite simple and something which everyone should know about. Pick up your iPhone or iPad and follow through.


Step 1. Open up the Messages app

Step 2. Tap on the conversation thread where the image or video is

Step 3. Once the video is found, press and hold on it until you see a bunch of options

Step 4. Select Save

You will find the image / video saved in your Photos app. You might want to check the Recents album in your Photos app if you do not see it right away. The older timestamp of the image or video might prevent it from showing up in chronological order that is why you should check the Recents section of the Photos app instead. Just navigate to Albums > Recents.

While a lot of veteran iPhone and iPad users might find this tutorial extremely basic, but if you are just starting out with iMessage and Apple's ecosystem in general, then you will find this information extremely useful.

Furthermore, if you cannot find the image or video that you are looking for, open the conversation thread once again in Messages, tap on the name of the contact at the top, then select info and here you will see all the shared photos and videos under the Photos section.

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