How to Set Up and Use Chat App on Windows 11

Windows 11 has a Chat app that you can access from the Taskbar. Using this app, you can carry out quick meet-up sessions with friends, family, or colleagues. You can even use this to send messages. This isn’t exactly a new app. This is essentially Microsoft Teams that you can access quickly from the taskbar. This tutorial will show you how to set up and use Chat app on Windows 11.

Set Up and Use Chat App on Windows 11

Skype will no longer be part of Windows 11, and Microsoft Teams in the Chat app will take over from here on forward. When you install Windows 11 (or get it using the Insider Preview Version), you will notice the Chat icon on the taskbar. If you have the insider preview version of Windows 11 at the moment and you can’t see the chat icon, then I suggest you check for Updates in Settings and restart your system.

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You must be wondering why Microsoft introduced MS Teams as a Chat app. MS Teams is a very enterprise-based app and is generally used by offices and official meetings. In order the expand the audience, the Chat app has been introduced. Although Teams powers the Chat app, the latter is essentially a stripped-down version of the original application. If you already have an MS Teams account, your conversations from Teams will not appear in Chat and vice versa. With the Chat app, you can sync your Skype/Outlook contacts and invite them to join this application and have conversations with you.

Set Up App

Step-1: Click on the Chat icon on the taskbar.

Set Up and Use Chat App on Windows 11

Step-2: Select Get Started.

Set Up and Use Chat App on Windows 11

Step-3: Select the account you want to log in with.

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Set Up and Use Chat App on Windows 11
Step-4: Provide the necessary details like Password and code.

Step-5: Set up an account name and click Let’s go.

Set up Account
Step-6: Click on Start a chat and invite anyone you want to chat with.

Step-7: Click on Meet now and have video conversations with your friends and family.

Start Convo

Things to Note

What I find strange is that when we sign up, instead of staying in the Chat app, you will be moved to MS Teams like in the image below:

Chat App Bug

Why have another icon if we move to MS Teams? Since I am trying out the early version of Windows 11, there is a possibility that this is a bug. The Chat app at the moment is very basic, and maybe we get to see more things in the future, like email integration.

Will you be using this app if you get Windows 11, or will you prefer third-party apps? Let us know in the comments below.

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