How to Screen Share Using Messages App on Mac

Uzair Ghani
Learn to use Mac screen share using Messages app

Here's how you can share your screen with another Mac user using the Messages app in a few simple steps.

It's Easy to Share Your Screen Between Two Macs via Messages App, Here's How You Can Do it

Before you move forward, it's important to know that you can only use this feature if the other person has a Mac and iMessage enabled. Same goes for you as well. In order to turn on iMessage on a Mac, just launch the Messages app and sign in with your Apple ID.

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There are tons of apps available that allow you to share your display with someone else. But, if you are a Mac user, then you have a simple way to share your screen with someone else as long as they have iMessage enabled.

The magic happens straight from the Messages app itself, which is somewhat odd and makes sense at the same time. Simply start a conversation thread, and after a couple of clicks will be sharing your Mac's screen with someone else, regardless of where they are in the world. You can even allow the other user to control what is on your screen. Here's how you can use it.


Step 1. Launch the Messages app

Step 2. Start a new message thread with the person with whom you want to share your display or just find an existing one

Step 3. Click on the i button on the top right hand corner of the message thread

Step 4. Click on the Share button as shown in the screenshot below and then click on Invite to Share My Screen

Step 5. You will now see a new screen share icon in the Menu Bar telling you that the connection is in progress. After a few seconds you will be connected and the other person will be able to see your display

Step 6. In order to disconnect or grant mouse access to the other user, simply press on the screen share icon again. You can even pause screen sharing or mute your microphone from here if you like

That's it, now you are a pro at sharing your screen with someone else if they also have a Mac. If you want to do this across different platforms then you might want to look into a service like TeamViewer or maybe even Zoom.

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