How to Instantly Share Posts on Instagram on iPhone and Android


Instagram has rolled out a new feature for instantly sharing a post to someone to their DM on iPhone and Android. Here's how it works.

New Instagram Feature Lets You Share Post with Someone with a Simple Tap and Hold Gesture on iPhone and Android

Here's how you share a post with someone in their DMs on Instagram: you first find the post, click on the little airplane like icon to share it, find the person with whom you want to share it with and then you tap on Send.

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Pretty simple and straightforward.

If there's someone with whom you share content on a very frequent basis, you can literally share stuff with just a tap and hold gesture instead. It's far more efficient and Instagram has absolutely nailed it. Here's how it works on both iPhone and Android.


Step 1. Launch Instagram.

Step 2. Find the post which you want to share.

Step 3. See the share icon? Tap and hold on it and you'll see four of your recent contact with whom you've interacted with.

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Step 4. Slide your finger to the person's display image with whom you want to share the post. Pretty fast, right?

It really doesn't get any speedier than this. But, instead of just showing your top four contacts from messages to share content with, it would have been even better if Instagram allowed us to pin our favorite contacts in this space to share stuff even more quickly. We're hopeful that such an improvement / feature will eventually become available to everyone out there in the near future. But until that happens, you have a new, fun way to share content without jumping through the usual hoops.

While Instagram may not be as big as WhatsApp or even Facebook Messenger, but it's a surprisingly huge messaging platform for a lot of people out there, especially content creators. With small additions like these to the platform, things are only going to improve for those who rely on the platform a lot to stay in touch with people.

And if you see a sudden uptick in memes in your inbox, rest assured that it has something to do with how quickly people can now share stuff with one another now. It's really not a bad things at all.

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