How to Install Android 13 Developer Preview 1 on Google Pixel


It has only been a little while since Google introduced Android 13 Developer Preview 1 and while it is intended strictly for developers, Google is not keeping the users away from the dessert. If you are one of the curious ones and want to go ahead and install the OS on your Google Pixel phone, then you are at the right place. If you are wondering how to install Android 13 Developer Preview 1 on your Google Pixel, you are at the right spot.

We have done similar guides in the past as well, and well, the process is same. So, we are going to explore how you can install the Android 13 Developer Preview.

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Easily Install Android 13 Developer Preview on Google Pixel

The installation process is not difficult at all but we are still here to guide you. You can find all the factory images at the end of this guide for your specific Google Pixel device.

Note: In order to make thing easier, rename the zip file that you download to "Android"

  1. You can start by downloading the Android 13 factory zip. The links to these files are at the end of this guide.
  2. Next up, you will have to boot into recovery mode by turning off your phone and then pressing and holding the power and volume down button together until you are at the bootloader page. Then scroll down to the recovery mode and select it using the power button. You will be in a new screen now, press the power and volume button together for about a second and release the volume button to enter into the Recovery mode.
  3. Using the volume button, scroll down to Apply update from ADB and select it using the power button. This will probably launch a blank screen.
  4. Connect your Google Pixel to your computer now. Be sure you have ADB and fastboot installed.
  5. Open the command prompt in the ADB folder and be sure that the OTA zip is also in the same folder.
  6. Type in the following command
    adb sideload.
  7. Now, type in the file name of the zip file you downloaded and press enter.
  8. Once the OTA is done installing, the phone will go back to recovery mode, simply reboot your phone now and you will be all good to go.

The first boot will likely take some time but once it boots up, you will be all set to go.

Download Android 13 Developer Preview 1 Factory Images

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