Hide Unwanted Contact Suggestions in iOS / iPadOS Share Sheet [Tutorial]

Uzair Ghani
How to hide contacts from iOS share sheet

Today we will show you how you can hide unwanted contacts that are showing up in iOS or iPadOS running on iPhone and iPad.

You Can Hide Unwanted Contacts from Showing up in the iOS and iPadOS Share Sheet without Much Effort

The story goes like this; you had a chat with someone from high-school after a long time and whenever you go to share something with someone using the iOS or iPadOS share sheet, the suggestion to share stuff with your high-school friend keeps on showing up whether you want it or not.

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So, how do you get rid of that contact from showing up in the share sheet? It's actually quite simple and you can get it done in a couple of taps and swipes. OK, maybe not a swipe.


Step 1. Open any app where you can bring up the iOS share sheet. The easiest way to do this is by going to the Photos app and then tapping on the share button, which looks like an upward facing arrow pointing outwards from a box.

Step 2. Once the share sheet shows up, find the contact you don't want in there.

Step 3. Tap and hold on the contact and then tap on Suggest Less as shown in the screenshot below.

From now on, iOS and iPadOS will stop suggesting you this contact instantly. If that contacts shows up again, you can once again go through the steps above to get rid of them.

The contact suggestions in the share sheet are completely based on your interactions with a particular person. If you interact with them too much, they will show up at the start of the suggestions and further down if you interact with them less.

However, there will come a magical moment when an almost non-existent text exchange will make your iPhone and iPad believe that you are totally best friends with someone. If that is not the case, then you can right that wrong by using the steps above.

We really wish there was a simpler way to do this, by only suggesting people that are actually in our contacts list, stored locally or in iCloud. But we are going to act naive and assume that it is something that will arrive in a future update to iOS and iPadOS.

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