Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 – How to Complete Week 7 Quests

Agnese Carluccio
Reality Saplings in Fortnite

Week 7 quests are available in Fortnite until Season 4 ends. They include different challenges and reward players with 20,000 XP each. Moreover, additional XP is granted to anyone who completes the Weekly Quest Bonus Goals listed on the same tab. This guide contains all Fortnite Week 7 challenges, including tips and tricks to get them done quickly.

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Fortnite Season 4: Week 7 Quests

All seven quests for Week 7 in Fortnite are described below. They will remain available to all players and reward them with XP until the end of Chapter 3, Season 4 of the battle royale.

Damage opponents with Pistols, Harvesting Tools, or Grenades (0/500). You can use any of the requested tools to deal 500 HP damage to opponents, but the quickest and easiest one should be with a Pistol. Once you have found it, you can shoot at any enemy to complete it. Alternatively, you can head to Herald’s Sanctum and fire at The Herald boss to get it done.

Damage opponents with Ranged Weapons while Riding Wildlife (0/200). Find a Ranged Weapon first. You can take any Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle or SMG and start looking for Wildlife. You can usually find some boars and wolves near Shimmering Shrine. When approaching an animal, jump on it to start riding it. Then, you need to deal 200 HP damage to any enemy. You can also complete this Week 7 challenge in Fortnite by shooting at The Herald boss.

Damage Opponents with Shotguns (0/500). You need to find any Shotgun during the match and deal 500 HP damage to opponents to complete this Week 7 challenge in Fortnite. You can get this done quickly in Team Rumble.

Deal Damage to opponents at Loot Lake (0/200). Loot Lake is that big lake near the center of the map, just above it. To be more precise, it is located south of Grim Gables and west of Chrome Crossroads. Try to find some good weapon nearby, or arrive prepared and start looking for enemies until you deal 200 HP damage to them. Loot Lake should be pretty crowded these days since it is part of the newest weekly quests in Fortnite.

Enter a Chrome Vortex (0/1). This Week 7 quest in Fortnite can be completed quickly. The Chrome Vortex is simply a chromed tornado, so you need to find one and get into it. Usually, you can see a Chrome Vortex near Herald’s Sanctum, but you can double-check its location by looking at the map. You will notice a tornado icon on it.

Pick Fruit from Reality Saplings (0/3). If you see a Reality Sapling on the map, collect three of its fruits, and the quest will be completed. Otherwise, you need to find some Reality Seeds, plant them by throwing them on the ground, and wait until they grow before picking some fruit. You can find blue Reality Seed Pods around the map; one is east of Rare Cave.

Search Chrome Chests at Flutter Barn or Shiny Sound (0/5). The quickest way to complete this mission is to collect Chrome Splashes by finding them or breaking chromed objects. Then, head to Flutter Barn or Shiny Sound. You can throw a Chrome Splash to standard Chests, and they will become chromed. Do this with five chests. Alternatively, you can look directly for Chrome Chests and open them.

All Fortnite Season 4 Weekly Challenges available until today are listed here:

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