Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 – How to Complete Week 6 Quests

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New Fortnite Week 6 quests are available in the game, with seven new challenges to be completed before Season 4 ends. Each successful mission rewards players with 20,000 XP. Moreover, bonus experience points are given to whoever progresses with the Weekly Quest Bonus Goals listed in the tab. All Fortnite Week 6 quests are listed on this page, along with tips and tricks to complete them successfully.

Fortnite Season 4: Week 6 Quests

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You can check all Week 6 quests for Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4 below. You will also find a detailed explanation of how to get them done easily and quickly.

Accept a bounty from a bounty board within 30 seconds of landing (0/1). After you jump off the bus, head towards any location with a bounty board nearby. For example, you can find one in Cloudy Condos, in the northwest part of the city. Others are located in Chonker’s Speedway, Chrome Crossroads, Tilted Towers, Grim Gables, and other POI on the Island. To complete this quest, make sure you land near one of these areas, interact with a bounty board, and accept a bounty within 30 seconds.

Catch a gun while fishing (0/1). Head to any fishing spot on the Island, near a river, a lake, or the sea, look for a Fishing Rod, and start fishing until you find a weapon. You can find plenty of Fishing Holes close to the beach east of Herald’s Sanctum.

Deal damage to opponents while at max health and shields (0/200). A the start of each match, your health bar will always be full. However, you won’t have any shield and need to max it to complete this challenge in Fortnite. You can head to Reality Tree to get 100 Shield quickly with Bouncy Slurpshrooms, then shoot at any opponent until you damage them for 200 HP.

Eliminate an opponent before the first storm phase begins (0/1). When you start a new match, you will see a timer under the map on the upper right section of the screen, with a stopwatch icon on the left. Try to eliminate an opponent before the one-minute timer ends, as the first storm phase will begin. You can land in a crowded area like Tilted Towers to increase your chances of completing this Week 6 challenge in Fortnite.

Fall 7 stories or more in Chrome Blob form (0/1). Go to Herald’s Sanctum or any other chromed location so that you can destroy chromed elements to get a Chrome Splash you can use on yourself to become chromed. Then you can build seven or more ramps, get on them and sprint to Blobify yourself. Jump from the highest ramp while in the Blob form, and this quest will be completed. You don’t get any damage from falling when you are a Blob.

Land at The Tilted Towers, then finish Rank 10 or better (0/1). Start the match by landing at Tilted Towers. This area is usually crowded, and with this Week 6 challenge, it will be even more populated. Try to find a chest with weapons and some ammo as soon as possible, so you will be able to defend yourself from other players. To improve your chances of surviving, get away from Tilted Towers and aim to reach a safer location, away from enemies. Try to confront opponents one at a time, so your chances of finishing the match at Rank 10 or better will improve.

Phase through a chrome wall and deal damage to an opponent within 30 seconds (0/75). You can phase through a chrome wall at any chromed location or use a Chrome Splash on a building to make it chromed. To complete this challenge quickly, you can head to Herald’s Sanctum, phase through a wall near The Herald boss and shoot at her until you deal 75 damage.

All Fortnite Season 4 Weekly Challenges available until now are listed below:

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