Fix Zoom Not Launching On Windows 10 Computers With This Step-By-Step Tutorial

Zarmeen Shahzad
Fix Zoom

Zoom is an application that most of us started using during the pandemic. Whether it was for work, online classes, catching up with loved ones, this app became a significant part of our lifestyle. You can use the app in your browser, phone, and even as a desktop app. However, sometimes the app may not launch properly on your computer, but there are ways to fix these issues. I will give you a step-by-step tutorial on fixing Zoom not launching on Windows 10 computers.

7 Methods To Fix Zoom Not Launching

There are various ways that you can fix an application that isn't working properly. I will walk you through the most popular methods used to fix Zoom not launching properly on Windows 10.

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1) Restart To Fix Zoom Not Launching

This is the first thing you should do whenever an application isn’t working properly. Go to the Start Menu and click on Power. Then select Restart.

Fix Zoom

After restarting your system, check to see if Zoom launches or not. If it doesn’t work, try the next method.

2) Force Quit Zoom

Sometimes, an app doesn’t get closed properly and runs in the background. As a result, when you try to open the app, it won’t work and will error. To ensure that this isn’t the cause your Zoom app isn’t working, close it from the Task Manager.

Step-1: Go to the Start Menu and type Task Manager in the search bar. Select Open.

Fix Zoom
Step-2: Under the Processes tab, look for the Zoom app and Select it.

Step-3: After you select the app, click End task at the bottom of the Window.

Fix Zoom Not Launching
Step-4: Wait for a little bit for the system to close all Zoom processes and restart your computer.

Reaccess the app and see if it launches.

3) Permissions

Sometimes an app like Zoom doesn’t work properly because it doesn’t have relevant permissions. Essentially these permissions include access to your camera and microphone. You have to give the app relevant access for it to perform.

Step-1: Go to the Start menu and select Settings. (Shortcut keys: Win + I)

Step-2: Select Privacy.

Privacy Settings
Step-3: On the left side of your screen, you will see various options. Scroll down and under App permissions, select Camera.

App Permissions
Step-4: Under Allow apps to access your camera, make sure that the toggle switch is On.

Camera App Permissions
Step-5: Scroll down and ensure that the toggle switch under Allow desktop apps to access your camera is switched On.

Camera Permissions
[Your apps now have camera access. Now you need to modify the settings for your microphone.]

Step-6: Select Microphone from under App permissions on the left side of your screen.

Microphone settings
Step-7: Switch the toggle switch On under Allow apps to access your microphone.

Microphone app settings
Step-8: Scroll down, and under Allow desktop apps to use your microphone, switch the toggle On.

Fix Zoom Not Launching
4) Temporary Cache

Windows collect app cache, and over time these cache files get too big or get corrupted. This can interfere with app functions, and to fix it, you must uninstall irrelevant cache files.

Step-1: Go to the Start menu and type Disk Cleanup in the search bar. Click Open.

Fix Zoom
Step-2: If you have multiple drives, select the C: drive from the list. Click OK.

C drive
Step-3: Select Temporary Internet Files and Temporary Files from the list. [You can only see the  Temporary Files box checked in the image below]

Disk Cleanup
Step-4: Click on the Clean up system files button and then click OK.

Fix Zoom
Restart the computer and try launching Zoom now.

5) Update Drivers

Outdated drivers cannot impact the functions of Zoom as well. Make sure that your camera drivers are up to date.

Step-1: Right-click on the Start Menu and select Device Manager.

Device Manager
[You can also access Device Manager by going to the Start Menu and typing Device Manager in the search bar. Click Open]
Step-2: Search for Cameras and click on it to expand the option.

Device Manager
Step-3: Right-click on the camera you are using and select Update driver.

Fix Zoom
Once the driver is updated, try relaunching Zoom.

6) Close Other Apps To Fix Zoom Not Launching

If other apps or browsers use the Camera or Microphone, consider closing them to ensure that Zoom can perform properly.

7) Reinstall App

If none of the above methods work, you can always reinstall the application.

Step-1: Go to the Start Menu and select Settings. (Shortcut Keys: Win + I)
Step-2: Select Apps.

App Settings
Step-3: Under Apps & Features, there will be a list of applications installed on your computer. Scroll down to the bottom and click on Zoom.

Uninstall Zoom
Step-4: Select Uninstall. Once you do, you will get another option confirming whether you want to Uninstall or not. Select Uninstall again.

Fix Zoom Not Launching
Step-5: Download the app again from the official Zoom website.

Hopefully, these methods will fix Zoom not launching, and you will be able to continue your video conferences as before.

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