Apple Shares Workaround to Fix Windows 10 Distorted Screen Bug on Macs With AMD Radeon Graphics


Several Apple users had reported experiencing a bug when they ran Windows 10 on their Macs. The right side of the screen would appear distorted and start flickering, but only when running Windows 10 on a device with AMD Raedon graphics. For those who were using external screens, the distortion sometimes impacted the entire screens.

Another issue would push Windows 10 Installer to say that the Mac isn't ready for this version of Windows 10 because of an old AMD graphics driver. The iPhone maker has now released a new support document, sharing some workarounds and fixes to this annoying bug being experienced by Windows 10 users on some variants of MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, and Mac Pro.

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The first is the regular fix of updating your driver. "To resolve the issue, update your AMD graphics drivers for Windows," Apple wrote.

How to update your drivers on Mac

  1. Start up your Mac in Windows.
  2. Right-click your desktop and choose AMD Radeon Settings.
  3. In Radeon settings, click on System tab > Software tab.
  4. Note down the version number shown under Driver Packaging Version.

Once you have the current driver version number running on your Mac, it's time to check if there is any updated version available.

  1. You can do that by going to the AMD website (in Windows 10).
  2. Click on the Drivers & Support tab on the website.
  3. Select Graphics > select Mac Graphics in the next column, and finally select Apple Boot Camp in the last column > click Submit.
  4. If the driver version is higher than the one installed on your Mac, click on Download.
  5. Extract the downloaded zip file and run the Setup app in the resulting folder to install the drivers.

If the bug persists or if the driver is already up to date, Apple has recommended using the following workaround "until AMD offers a later version of their graphics drivers for your Mac model."

How to address Windows 10 screen and driver issues on Macs

Apple says that if the latest AMD graphics drivers aren't available for your device, you can reduce resolution of the display or shift to a lower-resolution display. Try the following steps (which, Apple noted, won't work on Apple Pro Display XDR and LG UltraFine 4K and 5K displays):

  1. Right-click your desktop, then choose Display Settings.
  2. Click ”Advanced display settings”.
  3. From the menu of displays, choose the affected display.
  4. Click ”Display adapter properties” for the affected display.
  5. Click the List All Modes button.
  6. Choose a display resolution no greater than 3840 x 2160.
  7. To save your changes, click OK, then click OK again.

More support on updating AMD graphics drivers for Windows in Boot Camp is available over at Apple's latest support document.