Evil Dead: The Game – Five Tips on Getting Started as a Survivor


Surviving in Evil Dead: The Game might not be so easy. This asymmetrical 4v1 PvP, based on the cult horror franchise created by Sam Raimi, puts a strain on the players indeed. The game challenges Survivors to recover the pages of the Necronomicon and the Kandarian dagger in time to close the portal that the Kandarian Demon has opened between Earth and Hell.

While its gameplay mechanics might recall those of Dead by Daylight or Friday the 13th: The Game, Evil Dead: The Game is much more than that. There are many aspects of this title that need to be explored in detail, and even experienced players might need some time to master the game properly. As such, we collected five useful tips and tricks to help you get smoothly into Evil Dead: The Game.

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Look for Items and Weapons

When playing as a Survivor, you will find various weapons and items during the match. You can use them to get stronger, restore your health, or swap the weapon with a better one. And if you go inside a building, remember to turn your flashlight on: it will help you see objects that would not have been visible otherwise. There are crates scattered through the map, too; these usually have the richest loot and can also contain legendary weapons.

Don’t let Fear Possess You

Fear plays a huge part in the game, especially for Survivors. You can keep track of this meter by looking at the bottom-left of the screen, just under your health bar. The Fear level increases slowly during each match but can go up much quicker whenever you find yourself stuck in unpleasant situations. For example, if you go through the map alone, get attacked, or find a trap inside a crate,  you can easily reach the Fear bar limit.

To lower this meter, you need to find light sources like bonfires and lights, or you can even light campfires and lanterns with matchsticks to calm yourself. Otherwise, your position will be revealed to the Kandarian Demon, who will actively start looking for you and can even possess you and attack your teammates.

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Do Not Stray From your Teammates

In Evil Dead: The Game, each Survivor group features four players. If you want to win the match, you need to stay with your teammates and move together. Splitting up is always a bad idea because this will increase your Fear level much quicker and make you more vulnerable. If things don’t go as planned, you can count on your allies: they can cover your back from enemies attacks, beat you up if you get possessed until you are free again, and even resurrect you if you die.

Remember to Level Up your Character

You can collect Pink F boosters that allow you to upgrade your statistics during a game. They are usually stored inside crates, especially in the Epic and Legendary ones. You can find them during exploration or after collecting the Kandarian dagger and the Necronomicon pages as a reward. Remember to use Pink F: leveling up your character is essential to winning the game, as you can increase health, melee and ranged damage, stamina, or even keep your Fear levels under control. Keep in mind that these power-ups are not permanent and need to be applied during each match.

Dodge, Dodge, Dodge!

When approaching a fight, you should remember that you can use a specific button to dodge the attacks. Enemies can be challenging to kill, especially if they move in groups, and can lower your health more than you would have expected. To avoid that, you need to know when to dodge and effectively balance your stamina; otherwise, it will all be worthless, and you will face a quick death. It may take some time to fully understand the proper dodging timings, but it is totally worth it.

If you don’t feel confident enough in your skills, you can always practice against the AI and deal with PvP at a later time. In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming guides on Evil Dead: The Game!

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