Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Unlock Scar

Agnese Carluccio
how to unlock scar in disney dreamlight valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s latest update introduced a new character to the game, the famous Scar, straight from The Lion King. Unfortunately, you can’t start playing his storyline right away, as specific quests must be completed before accessing the Sunlit Plateau biome where he lives and talking to him.

You might have unlocked this area and completed The Curse quest, which is required to start Scar’s story arc. If not, this guide will explain how to reach Sunlit Plateau and unlock Scar in Dreamlight Valley.

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Where to Find Scar in Dreamlight Valley

The lion Scar is located in the Sunlit Plateau, west of the Plaza. Once you have accessed it, you need to enter the giant mammoth skull, and you will find the character. You can interact with him, and he will ask you for some help restoring the land.

How to Unlock Scar

Once you talk to Scar for the first time, you will become friends, and you will be able to give him gifts, hang out with him, and speak to him, just like you do with the other characters of the game. You can also get a quest from him called Nature and Nurture.

However, before starting Scar’s story arc, you must unlock access to the Sunlit Plateau and restore the four Pillars of Friendship, Trust, Power, and Courage. You can find all the information you need below.

How to access the Sunlit Plateau

The Sunlit Plateau can be unlocked by removing the Giant Night Thorns that block the entrance. To do that, you must spend 7,000 Dreamlight.

Before being able to enter any additional biome in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must complete the Friendship is Everything quest, which is tied to Merlin. This mission asks you to reach Friendship Level 5 with three Villagers, and it may take some time to get it done. To speed things up, you can hang out with your neighbors, talk to them daily and give them gifts. You will find their favorite things of the day in the Collection menu, so if you gift them one of the three highlighted items, you will get extra friendship points. When this quest is completed, you will free the Orb of Friendship and its Pillar.

To access Scar’s story arc, however, you must also fix all the remaining Pillars of Trust, Power, and Courage. For the Pillar of Trust, you must complete The Curse quest in the Glade of Trust. You must complete the With Great Power… quest in Dazzle Beach for the Pillar of Power. And for the Pillar of Courage, you must complete the Lost in the Dark Grove quest in the Forest of Valor.

Once every single Pillar has been restored, you will be able to unlock Scar and his quests. If you have not completed all the Pillar quests yet, take your time. The lion will be waiting for you in the Sunlit Plateau and won’t disappear.

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