Disney Dreamlight Valley First Major Content Update is Now Available for Free

Ule Lopez
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley, the aforementioned company's attempt at creating a game that would try to steal Stardew Valley's thunder, has released a new free update that will bring a new locale to the Early Access version of the game alongside a villainous addition in the form of Scar from Disney's The Lion King.

A new trailer showcasing the new update's features can be seen below:

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The update, titled "Scar's Kingdom," sees player Avatars head for the sun-drenched savannahs of the Sunlit Plateau biome. The biome is in peril as The Pillar of Nurturing, once the key to keeping the Plateau vibrant and green, has dried up and is blocked by mysterious and dark magic. The player must team up with Scar to bring back life to the Plateau.

You may also want to equip your Royal Pickaxe, as you’ll be headed to a new area deep within the Plateau’s mines to restore the Pillar of Nurturing and find the source of the problem, all while dealing with Scar’s less-than-honest motivations.

Scar’s Kingdom’ is Disney Dreamlight Valley’s first free major content update and is also joined by the game’s next Star Path season, which is available to Founder’s Pack Owners. This Star Path will let players tap into their dark sides and befriend the villains living in the Valley. As you complete duties, you’ll be rewarded with tokens that you can spend on exclusive items inspired by Halloween and Disney villains.

The update will also bring some new Community Driven Changes to Disney Dreamlight Valley. These changes are made thanks to the feedback from the community and include some neat changes such as in-game storms, more outfits, and even some bug fixes that will address issues that were reported by the community.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently available as an Early Access game for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game is planned to launch as a free-to-play title sometime in 2023. The game is also available as part of Xbox Game Pass.

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