Disney Dreamlight Valley – Five Tips on Getting Started

Agnese Carluccio
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a new life sim developed by Gameloft and available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. The game takes you to a magical world with Disney and Pixar characters, both old and new. You can find many new quests and activities to tackle daily, along with your favorite heroes and villains. Although the game may seem pretty straightforward, there are many features, customizations, and options that you’d better know when you start Dreamlight Valley so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by all the new information you get. Here, you will find five valuable tips that will help you during the game's first hours.

Keep an Eye on Your Dreamlight Challenges

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is full of quests and challenges to tackle anytime. When completed, each mission rewards you with Dreamlight points, essential to remove Night Thorns from the Dream Castle entrance and other locations, and also unlock new worlds where you can find your favorite Disney characters. You can look at Dreamlight challenges by opening the quests menu with L on the PC or by using the down button on the d-pad on all the other consoles, and then you can select the appropriate option. Hundred of missions are waiting for you, and you can check the reward for each one. You get new challenges when you complete the old ones, and most of them are pretty easy to achieve. For example, some require you to take pictures or sell fruits.

Expand Your Inventory As Soon As Possible

As you progress with missions and challenges, you will soon reach your inventory limit and have trouble making space for new items. You can, however, add extra space to your bag by purchasing the required upgrade. The first one will cost you 5,000 coins, quite a few for someone new to the game, so make sure you save some money for that. Your investment will soon pay off as you will have new free slots to store valuable and rare items that can be sold, like gems. You can upgrade your storage by hitting “Expand” on the inventory menu.

Check the Collection Menu

You will find various significant information on the Collection menu. You can access it by hitting the corresponding pause button on your keyboard or controller. This section is split into several categories, and you can check each one to get new details about Disney characters that appear in the game, items you collect, and meals you unlock. For example, if you click on Ingredients and select one, you can see where to find it, how much time it takes to grow, how much you can sell it for, and more. This will speed up your activities in the Dreamlight Valley, and you will also be up to date with your progress with every character you can interact with in the game.

Replenish Your Energy

Most of the activities you carry on in Disney Dreamlight Valley require Energy to be completed. The amount of Energy at your disposal is shown in the upper left corner of the screen, just above the missions log. Each time you perform a specific action, such as fishing or removing Night Thorns, you consume some of your Energy. You need to eat something or go inside your house to replenish it; otherwise, you won’t be able to perform most actions. If you have a healthy cooked meal, you will get more Energy. As you progress in the game and strengthen your friendships with Disney characters, you will gain experience and level up. Therefore, your maximum Energy level will also increase.

Learn How To Cook Your Meals

Cooking is one of the most important aspects of the game, as it helps you restore your Energy. Moreover, a well-cooked meal also gives you a speed boost for a certain amount of time, and you will move faster in the Valley as you carry on your many activities. You can even earn money with the meals you prepare, so make sure you dedicate enough time to learning new recipes and cooking in the game. When you access the Dream Castle for the first time, ensure you complete Remy’s quest first, so you can learn how to make Ratatouille and other great meals.

Remember that after a few starting quests, the game will sync to your time and change from day to night as time passes. Characters in the Valley will follow their schedule, so you might find some of them asleep during the night or some stores closed. You will soon find new Disney Dreamlight Valley guides on Wccftech, so keep an eye open for them!

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