Disney Dreamlight Valley – How The Villains’ Star Path Event Works and All Rewards

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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s villagers are ready to celebrate Halloween with the latest in-game Event, Villains’ Star Path, which features many different Halloween-themed rewards that can be unlocked upon completing various duties. You will find all the information about Dreamlight Valley’s newest Event in this guide, along with a complete list of available rewards.

Villains’ Star Path: How Does it Work?

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You can see all relevant details for the Villains’ Star Path in the Event menu. To unlock exclusive rewards, you must complete the Duties listed in the specific tab, and you will receive pumpkin points in exchange. You can then spend them in the Rewards tab, unlocking all the items you like. Each will cost you a certain amount of the event currency, and prices are listed below every object.

You will get new Duties as you complete the older ones, so you will always have plenty of them at your disposal. These challenges are usually pretty easy to achieve; for example, you may need to cook a certain amount of meals, start Daily Discussions with a specific character, or harvest some vegetables. You can collect the pumpkin points directly from the Duties tab when a Villains’ Star Path’s challenge is done.

If you prefer, you can activate the Premium Star Path, which unlocks additional exclusive rewards and lets you complete up to six Duties simultaneously instead of three. The Premium Star Path will cost you 2,500 Moonstones. However, you have until November 21 to obtain all Villains’ Star Path Rewards in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so unless you are interested in specific, Premium rewards only, you should have all the time to get the pumpkin points you need.

All Villains’ Star Path Rewards in Dreamlight Valley

Below you will find all the available rewards for the Villains’ Star Path Event in Dreamlight Valley. Many of them are Premium. Each rewards page features seven different items, except the last one, which shows only one Premium object consisting of 90 Moonstones. Overall, there are seven reward pages.

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You will find many different objects to decorate your house for Halloween, such as an Orange Trick or Treater’s Bounty, the Well of Souls, a Web-Snared Tree, and also items for your character. These include the Skeleton Onesie, Black Cat Ears, the Incredibles Super-Mask, and the Plague Mask for a realistic Halloween-style costume.

You will always see a recap of the remaining days for the Villains' Star Path Event, as well as the amount of Moonstones and pumpkin points you currently have at your disposal. If you play Disney Dreamlight Valley daily, you should get enough currency in a short amount of time. If not, but you are still interested in these rewards, try to log in and complete some Duties at least three to four times a week. Most of them don’t take long to finish, and you can carry out different tasks simultaneously. In the end, you will obtain new, stylish, villain-themed items just in time for Halloween. Or some days later, but still ready for next year.

You can find our beginners' guide here if you need some help with Disney Dreamlight Valley. And you can also discover how to unlock Scar in the game.

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