How to Declutter Your Spotify App on Windows 10 Computers – Step-by-Step Tutorial


Spotify is a great app if you are a fan of music and want to follow your favorite artists and subscribe to podcasts. Spotify even recommends music based on your listening pattern, but the desktop app looks somewhat cluttered. You can declutter the app and ensure that Spotify recommends better playlists and songs. In this tutorial, I will show you how to declutter your Spotify app on Windows 10 computers.

Declutter Spotify App

It is tough to part from old playlists, podcasts, and songs but taking a leaf out of Marie Kondo's book and ensuring that you only subscribe to things that bring you joy will be great for your Spotify app as well.

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Remove Liked Songs

The Like feature next to songs and playlists ensures that you have a record of the songs you enjoyed. However, many of us tend to hit the Like button next to a song and eventually forget about it or get bored of it. Liking a lot of songs can clutter the app fast. Follow the steps below to ensure that your Like list is up to date.

Step-1: Open the desktop Spotify app.

Step-2: Click on Liked Songs on the left pane of the app.

Declutter Spotify App
Step-3: Now, click on the heart icon next to the song you no longer like or are bored of. Once you do, the song will be removed from the Liked list.

Declutter Spotify App
You should always keep your lists updated. So every few weeks, go through the list to update it and remove songs you no longer feel passionate about.

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Deleting Playlists

Some people have playlists according to where they are at work, the commute, gym, etc. According to their moods, some people make playlists [I am the latter, as you can see from my playlists]. Some of us create way too many playlists that we don’t even listen to anymore. These playlists take up space needlessly, so you should always delete those you no longer listen to.

Step-1: Open Spotify App.

Step-2: Scroll down to see all your playlists on the left pane.

Declutter Spotify App
Step-3: Right-click on the playlist you no longer listen to [For example, I right-clicked on the playlist, Calm]

Step-4: Press Delete.

Declutter Spotify App
Step-5: Confirm you want to delete the playlist. Press DELETE if you are sure.

Delete Playlist
[If you change your mind later, you can recover the playlists using the web app]

Unfollow Artists

Following artists, especially up-and-coming artists, allow you to watch the career progress. However, we live in a time where it is important to be aware of the principles and ethics of the people we follow. So, if an artist disappointed you, whether it comes to their music or because of their political views, you should unfollow them.

Step-1: Open the desktop Spotify app.

Step-2: Click on Your Library and the top left corner of the app.

Your Library
Step-3: Click on Artists to see the people you follow.

Unfollow Artists

Step-4: Right-click on the person or the band you want to unfollow.

Step-5: Select Unfollow.

Declutter Spotify
Declutter Spotify App: Unsubscribe Podcasts

  1.  Open Spotify App.
  2.  On the left pane, select Podcasts.
  3.  You will now see the podcasts that you follow or have subscribed to.
  4.  Right-click on the podcast you no longer wish to follow.
  5.  Select Unfollow.

Spotify is a great app, but it needs decluttering every so often so that you get better suggestions for music and podcasts. By trying the above things, you will have a decluttered app that is up to date with your tastes.