Convert Keynote Presentation to PowerPoint Format on iPhone, iPad


Here's how you can convert Keynote presentations to the PowerPoint format using your iPhone or iPad using the Keynote app.

Keynote App for iPhone and iPad Lets You Export and Convert Keynote Presentation File to PowerPoint

We've all been there - you work on a file or a presentation, send it to someone and it's completely incompatible. This calls for the age-old practice of converting documents to the right format before sharing it with everyone else.

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If it's the Keynote format that is giving you problems, since someone in your circle is using Windows with Microsoft Office, then you have to convert the presentation to the PowerPoint file format before sending it over. It is actually quite easy to convert from Keynote to PowerPoint using your iPhone and iPad and we are going to walk you through the process from start to finish.


Step 1. You must have the Keynote app installed on your iPhone and iPad. You can download it from here. It is absolutely free.

Step 2. Assuming you have the Keynote file downloaded on your iPhone or iPad, open it up in Keynote app from the Files app if it's saved locally or just tap to open straight from your email inbox and choose Keynote when asked which app you want to use to open the document.

Step 3. With the Keynote presentation in view, see those three dots at the top of the display? Tap on it.

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Step 4. Tap on Export as show in the screenshot below.

Step 5. Now select PowerPoint.

Step 6. Keynote will now start converting the document into PowerPoint. This may take a while and when it is complete, tap on the Share button.

Step 7. It's entirely up to you how you want to share the PowerPoint file from here. You can either send it directly to a contact using Messages or Mail or just save it to the Files app.

See, it's really not that difficult converting to PowerPoint straight from your iPhone or iPad. But keep one thing in mind, if you're using special fonts that are unique to your presentation then you might run into some compatibility issues. The fonts will simply be replaced automatically on opening the presentation, which isn't as bad as not being able to open the presentation at all.

If you ever wanted to convert Keynote files to PowerPoint, you now know how to do it. Make sure you share your newly learned tip with someone else out there.

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