Color Filters in Windows 11 Will Help You in Case of Color Vision Impairment [Learn How]

Zarmeen Shahzad

Many people suffer from some form of color vision impairment, due to which they may face issues while working on a computer. If you are one of these people, there is a way to set colors based on your impairment using the color filters feature in Windows. This tutorial will address this and show you how to use color filters on Windows 11 systems.

Color Filters Windows 11

Windows 11 includes filters that allow users with deuteranopia, protanopia, tritanopia, etc., to set color schemes according to what suits them. There are different methods you can use to turn this feature On or Off. I will show you two simple methods, and you choose whichever is easiest for you:

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Settings App

Step-1: Click on the Windows icon on the taskbar and then click on the Settings cog. (You can also use shortcut keys: Win + I)

Color Filters Windows 11

Step-2: From the left pane, select Accessibility.

Color Filters Windows 11

Step-3: When the Accessibility settings open, click on Color filters in the left pane.


Color Filters Windows 11

Step-4: Turn the toggle switch On next to Color filters.

Color Preview

Step-5: There is a list of color filters present, and you can select the appropriate one for you. [The color filter preview at the top of the screen will give you a preview of what every option does]

Step-6: As soon as you select the option, the color filter will be applied to your system.

Step-7: You want a quick turn on and turn off the option for Color filters; you can turn the toggle switch On next to the Keyboard shortcut for color filters.

Color Filters Windows 11

If you want to turn the color filter option Off and enable the shortcut key, you can use Win + Ctrl + C to turn it Off. You can also use all the above steps and turn the toggle switch Off in Step-4.

Color Filters Windows 11 Taskbar

You can also access the Accessibility settings and turn the Color filter feature On/Off.

  1.  On the right corner of the taskbar, click on the Wifi, Sound, and Battery option area. (You can also just use the shortcut keys Win + A to open the menu)
    Taskbar Shortcut
  2.  Click on the Accessibility option.
    Accessibility Taskbar Shortcut
  3.  Turn the Toggle switch On/Off next to Color filters.
    Color Filter Toggle Shortcut

I hope this helps improve your computer experience. Let us know in the comments below.

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