How to View Mobile Websites in Desktop Safari on macOS [Tutorial]


In today's guide we will show you how you can open mobile websites on your Mac in Safari running macOS. Let's dive right into it!

Want to View Mobile Websites in Desktop Safari Just Like How You Would See it on iOS or Any Other Mobile Device? - Here's How

Open up Safari on your Mac, type in a URL, hit Return and you'll see a desktop version of the website, as you should. But what if you want to see the mobile version of the website? Sure, you can do so by resizing Safari by dragging inwards from the corners, which is a trick that works on a very few websites by the way, but I'm talking about the real-deal mobile website as you'd see on your iPhone or an Android device. Well, it's pretty easy. Follow the steps below and you'll know it too.

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1. Open up Safari on your Mac.

2. Now click on 'Safari' in the menu bar.

3. Now click on Preferences, then Advanced.

4. At the very bottom you'll see an option called 'See Develop menu in menu bar.'

5. You'll see a brand new entry in the menu bar called Develop. Click on it to open.

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6. Now select User Agent then select 'Safari - iPhone.'

mobile websites

7. Now open up any website in Safari and the mobile version will open up.

mobile websites

If you wish to revert the changes, just open up the Develop menu, hover your mouse over User Agent then select Default at the top. That's it.

Now, at this point you must be wondering: why do I wanna open mobile websites in desktop Safari? Well, first of all, you know how to do it. Secondly, if you are a developer, you can test your website without having to open it up on an iPhone immediately. Last but not the least, it's fun! So why not share your newfound knowledge with the people around you, eh?