How To Hide Android App Purchases In Play Store


Here's how you can hide your Android app purchases from the Google Play Store.

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Just like on iOS, when you start to download apps / games on your Android device, the Play Store will keep a history of everything in one location, allowing you to re-download everything again without having to search from scratch. It's a great little feature and saves up a lot of time. But as you keep on downloading apps and games, a giant list starts to pile up which contains software majority of which you will never ever use. If that's the case, then you might want to give your purchases history a little bit of cleaning, and today we'll show you how to get rid of apps and games you've ever purchased through the Play Store on your Android device.

How To Hide Android App Purchases In Play Store

1. Launch the Play Store app on your device.

2. With the Play Store completely loaded up, slide right on the screen from the far left corner of the display to bring up the hamburger menu. Tap on the 'My apps' option over here.


3. Now swipe left to go to the 'All' apps section.


4. Find the app you wish to remove from the purchases history list. In our case, we're going with the Opera Mini browser.


5. See the little 'x' button on the top right of the app's entry? Tap on that.

6. Now tap on 'Ok' to confirm your action, removing the app from your purchases history for good.


Keep in mind that the apps / games that are installed on your device will need to be uninstalled if you want to remove them from your purchases history. Also, we recommend that you perform the above mentioned steps if you're looking to keep your purchases history absolutely neat and tidy, making the process of finding and re-downloading apps or games a truly painless task.

The process on Android for cleaning up your purchases list is absolutely painless when you compare it to the likes of iOS, where you have to launch iTunes to get things done, especially if you don't have Family Sharing set up on your device. But still, either way, you should at least clean up your purchases history at least once in a month to ensure things aren't getting crowded on your device.

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