How to Fix Winterboard iOS 9 Incompatibility Issues


Now that we can jailbreak iOS 9, it will take a few days until developers update their tweaks to perfectly work with the latest firmware. We are already seeing reports of a number of issues, one of which includes a Winterboard related problem.

Users who are trying to apply a Winterboard theme in IOS 9 jailbroken devices are unable to do so. Winterboard iOS 9 is not working because it is yet to receive the update to make it compatible with the latest firmware. However, you can fix these Winterboard iOS 9 incompatibility issues by following these few steps.

winterboard ios 9

Fix Winterboard iOS 9 incompatibility issues:

  • Launch Cydia.
  • Install iFile.
  • Remove previously installed Winterboard from Cydia and download Winterboard .deb file on your jailbroken device.
  • Install it using iFile.
  • Go to /application in iFile where you will see
  • Tap on the exclamation mark next to it and rename it to
  • Next, install iCleaner from Cydia. When you install it, Cydia will also update Winterboard. If you already have iCleaner, simply launch the app and tap on Clean button.
  • Respring your iOS 9 powered device.
  • Navigate to /applications in iFile and rename back to 
  • Launch iCleaner again and tap on the Clean button.
  • This will update Winterboard again and it will start working on your iOS 9 jailbroken devices.

Ta da! You can now enjoy new themes that you want to try.

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