How to Enable or Disable Lines and Grids for Handwriting in Notes for iOS


Handwriting in Notes app for iPhone or iPad? Here’s how you can enable or disable lines and grids for super convenience.

Ever since the Apple Pencil came along, a lot of people have been using their iPads for taking notes and whatnot. You can do it straight in the Notes app too if you like. This essentially means that you can get into action without spending a couple of dollars on a dedicated app. The stock software has you well covered if you give it a solid chance.

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The stock Notes app is actually pretty powerful. If you are planning to use the app for taking down notes using an Apple Pencil, or maybe just your finger, you can do it with a lot of precision. How? By simple enabling the Lines & Grids feature. This essentially means that your Notes app turns into a sheet of paper with lines on which you can write down your thoughts or copy stuff from somewhere else like you would on a real piece of paper. You even have the option to adjust how much spacing there is between the lines, allowing you to fit more text in in a smaller space or go full bold if you like.

Here’s how you set it up.

1. Launch the Settings app.

2. Scroll down a little and find the Notes entry. Tap to open it up.

3. Select Lines & Grids.

4. Make your choice and then simply close the Settings app.

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5. Launch the Notes app from the home screen and create a new note.

6. Don’t see the new lines or grids? It’s because your software keyboard is up on the screen. Dismiss it by tapping on the button on the bottom right-hand corner.

Now you’re free to write down anything you like on a digital sheet of paper. Pretty cool, right? And you can bring up the keyboard whenever you like if you wish to type the usual way.

Also, one more thing. While you are typing on the lines, you can actually change the lines and grids and how they look straight from within the Notes app too. Just tap on the ‘Share’ button as shown in the screenshot below.

Again, this only works if the software keyboard is dismissed and you’re in handwriting mode.


The stock apps are actually more powerful than you think and it’s best that everyone explore them thoroughly before jumping onto third-party options. Sure, you get more features in certain apps but is it necessary to spend those couple of dollars and get features which you might not ever use?

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