How To Check iPhone Battery Health Using These Great Free Apps

Want to check your iPhone battery health? You can do so using simple, free to download apps from the App Store, and no jailbreak is required.

'Battery Percentage' & 'Battery Life' Apps Are Free And Give You Detailed Information Regarding Your iPhone Battery Health

Performing maintenance routines on your iPhone's battery can go a long way in ensuring that your smartphone ticks along nicely when coming face to face with daily tasks. Calibrating the iPhone battery, using the supplied power brick only, for instance, are few of the things which might help in the long run. But as our iPhone ages and hits the near-obsolete mark, the battery loses its cool and capability to hold a charge long enough, therefore we see less than stellar battery retention in day to day use.

Fear not though, you can actually use a couple of free apps from the App Store to find out where your iPhone battery health stands currently. Whether it's perfect, good, bad or downright horrible, it's a simple case of installing one of these two apps to find out everything - Battery Life, Battery Percentage.

Out of the duo, Battery Percentage is the first app you should give a download on your iPhone. And apart from iPhone battery health related stats, the app allows you to go through a bunch of other details as well. For instance, the rate at which the iPhone is picking up a charge, checking whether or not your smartphone has dead pixels on the display and a lot more.

Simply download Battery Percentage app from here.

Alternatively, there's another app which you can utilize to find out your iPhone battery health, and it goes by the name of Battery Life. It's free as well just like Battery Percentage, but comes with an in-app purchase if you wish to remove ads. But that's not all, that very same in-app purchase unlocks a wonderful looking Today widget as well, which shows your iPhone battery life and other stats in a slick manner.

Simply download Battery Life app from here.

If you're seeking a personal opinion, then I would suggest going with Battery Life, as the app looks good and the Today widget is well worth the dollar if you want your iPhone battery health stats front and center. Of course, the final choice which app you wish to download lies with you.

Which app did you download? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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