Calibrate iPhone Battery [How To Guide]

Here's how you can calibrate iPhone battery as well as your iPad and iPod touch. This process ensures that you get the maximum battery life from your device while also increasing energy retention per charge.

Despite all the major hardware changes we've come to witness over the years, one department in which smartphones and tablets have barely made major strides is battery life. If you pick up any current high-end device, or just for the sake of it, one from last year, you'll notice that a day of battery retention is the bog standard in the tech industry, while anything above or beyond a day's worth of battery life is pure bonus. But as we continue to use our devices, they lose the ability to hold charge, and don't last as long as they did on the first day, that's why we need to calibrate our devices to get the maximum juice out of them, and the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is no exception to this process, and we'll show you how it's done in a few easy steps.

Calibrate iPhone Battery
  1. Completely drain the battery of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch till the device powers down on its own. There are many ways how you can achieve this quickly, but we suggest that you let your device run its natural course and nothing should be enforced on it as it can damage the internal battery unit.
  2. Once your device has powered down, put it on charge till it reaches the 100% mark. Do not unplug your device for another two hours at least, and also make sure you do not use it during the charging process.
  3. Unplug your device and start using it as you normally would.

Repeat the above three steps at least twice to get the maximum effect. And remember, it's highly recommended that you perform this calibration at least once a month, or once within two months.

Calibrating a mobile device's battery ensures that it holds more juice on every recharge. But there are cases in which, despite the user's best efforts, the battery fails to perform on a day to day basis as it normally should. In that scenario, we recommend that you take your iOS device for repair or get the battery unit replaced, otherwise it's a good practice to perform a monthly maintenance using the steps which we have outlined above.

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