How to Fix Quick Look in OS X Mavericks – Slow Loading Issues


OS X Mavericks has been a kind of an incredible update [Read: Some of the OS X Mavericks Features - Making Mac Users Happier?]. It has went well with many, however, there are occasional errors that have affected many a number of Mac users. As previously written about one such issue, disabling App Nap for specific applications, this post will help you resolve issues with Quick Look.

In the recent OS X Mavericks update, when you display the pictures in Quick Look preview, they are loading rather sluggishly. This issue has been reported by many Mac users regardless of any specific machine. In fact, even those who are using the ones out this year are also suffering from this problem. This issue is not the only one with Mavericks. This OS X update seems generally to be somewhat slower in speed.

One user commented, "When I select a file and press the space button to give it a quick look, it will either show the next file in the list or nothing at all. Sometimes it does show the right file, but doesn't stick to the right order if I press the arrow buttons. It was working perfectly fine before I updated to Mavericks."

Here is how to fix Quick Look in Mavericks:

Here is one easy solution to fix Quick Look issue in OS X Mavericks until some later OS update resolves the speed problems and does some overall app tweaking:

  • Open Applications and select the application Preview.
  • Once on the Preview application, right-click and select Get Info.
  • Now enable/check the Open in Low Resolution.fix quick look

That's it! Preview should now run as fast as in any of the previous versions of OS X.