How Apple Could Adapt iOS 11 UI to Fit iPhone 8’s Edge-to-Edge Display – Images


The HomePod firmware suggests that the iPhone 8 will feature an edge-to-edge display for sure. But how will Apple go ahead and adapt iOS 11 for that odd looking panel? We have a potential answer.

There Are a Number of Variations Apple Can Go Through in Order to Adopt iOS 11 for iPhone 8

The firmware from HomePod suggests that Apple will be taking a similar display route with the iPhone 8 which was implemented in the Essential Phone. Rather than going ahead with a compete edge-to-edge display, a part of the panel warps around to make room for the camera and different other sensors. But the big question is: how Apple actually adapt the new display with iOS 11? After all, a couple of small parts of the display will essentially go wasted depending on the decision Apple takes. However, Max Rudberg went ahead in imagining how things can pan out. And we have to say, it gives us hope that the iPhone 8 is going to be a very, very interesting device.

Apple Watch Series 8 Concept Based on Leaks Shows How The Flat Display and Edges Will Look Like

Apple can take three important routes while tackling the 'notch,' - the area where that lives on the top of the display housing the camera and other sensors. First and foremost, Apple can totally embrace it, making the notch visible with the navigation buttons for apps sitting snuggly at the bottom of the display. Secondly, Apple can hide it by placing the signal and battery indicators beside the notch while using a black background. Third, Apple can again hide it, but this time it can hide the navigation buttons at the bottom with a black background. Take a look at the images below and you'll immediately understand what is being implied here.

Quite frankly, I'm more fan of the second option here. Not only it utilizes the screen better, but it hides all the sensors and camera module in a slick way. But at the same time, the second option gives the iPhone 8 an unusual large forehead.

There's a chance that Apple might end up taking a completely different route rather than going ahead with what is being portrayed above. Whatever that may be, we're very eager to have a look at it.

News Source: Max Rudberg