Recently Released HomePod Firmware Confirms The iPhone 8’s Design And ‘Pearl ID’ Feature


In less than two months, Apple is expected to announce its flagship of the year, the iPhone 8. While previously we have heard numerous leaks and rumors, we're always curious if the company will surprise us. However, at this point in time, more or less all leaks and rumors suggest a similar design. Nonetheless, Touch ID is up for debate as there are many possibilities in the area. Today, we have encountered a new leak and it comes straight from the books of Apple.

The iPhone 8 To Feature Bezel-less Design With Face ID?

We're expecting Apple to release the standard 'S' model of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus which would not be radically different than its predecessor. However, we are also expecting the company to announce a high end iPhone 8. What we have come to hear from the developer Steve Troughton-Smith is that one of the next iPhone models will feature a face unlock feature. Moreover, he also hints that the high-end model will incorporate a bezel-less screen with a camera notch at the top. Let's see some more details on the features.

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Apple recently released the HomePod firmware which contains most of the codebase for iPhone. Troughton-Smith dug deep into the code and pointed at the 'Pearl ID' in the Biometric section. With that said, it is the highly rumored infrared unlocking feature which will recognize your face for unlocking the device and more. For those unfamiliar with the operation, infrared is necessary for recognition in places with low light or darker environments. In addition to this, it is unclear at this point if the feature will be called Face ID or 'Pearl ID'.

Another iOS developer by the name of Guilherme Rambo found out that the code name of the high-end iPhone 8 is D22. Another important factor part of the HomePod firmware is the inclusion of a D22 glyph, which is the further evidence of the iPhone 8's design. It represents a bezel-less design with a camera notch at the top with various sensors and an earpiece.

The glyph of the iPhone 8 basically confirms the form factor of the device which we have previously seen in various leaks. The iPhone 8 is not that far away from a potential launch and we're seeing leaks everyday now. There will be more to the story, so be sure to stay tuned with us.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the HomePod's revelations of the iPhone 8 design and form factor? Do you think the iPhone 8 will be anything like it or will Apple surprise us at the event? Share your views in the comments.