House of the Dead 3 and 4 Are Headed for PSN in HD And Trophies

After the release of House of the Dead Overkill HD on the PS3 it seems that the rail shooting fans have more to look forward to. While the story, voice acting and dialogue of the House of the Dead series has been more or less disappointing since the first game many gamers will admit to House of the Dead being a "guilty pleasure".

House of the Dead 3 has been around for a while now, after a PC release it found it's way on the Wii along with House of the Dead 2 in a bundle pack and later went solo on the XBOX LIVE Marketplace. But now the game is coming to the PlayStation 3 with updated graphics, support for the PlayStation Move and also Trophies.Considering how well Overkill was changed for the PS3 I can't wait to get both games for the sake of scratching my old itchy trigger finger.

House of the Dead was never a serious game, it was made for leisure and just made to give gamers an itchy trigger something to shoot at on the screen with a friend but other than that the game has never made it big. House of the Dead series has always been a favorite of arcade goers across the world but with the release of the Wii which allowed players to bring the arcade shooting experience to their living rooms people no longer needed to go to arcades when plenty of other rail shooters were making their way on the Wii.

Later on when Sony released the PlayStation Move that just made things even more better as players can now play rail shooters like Dead Space: Extraction or House of the Dead Overkill with perfect framerate, trophies, HD graphics and 3D (only for Overkill) but now Sega is taking this to their advantage and remarketing House of the Dead 3 AND 4 to the PlayStation Network for players to buy and enjoy and relive the good old arcade shooting days. While House of the Dead 3 has already been on the Wii and XBOX before it will be even better on the PS3 and since House of the Dead 4 was an arcade exclusive and never saw the light of day on any console this is going to be even better.

UPDATED: With official trailer

House of the Dead 3 is releasing on the PS3 on February 7th while House of the Dead 4 will follow in Spring, But I'll just wait for the bundle deal and grab them both cheap.

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