Honkai: Star Rail, Genshin Impact Studio’s Next Game, Kicks Off Its Final CBT On February 10th

Alessio Palumbo
Honkai: Star Rail

Free-to-play sci-fantasy tactical RPG Honkai: Star Rail will soon begin its final Closed Beta on PC and mobile.

Developer HoYoverse announced that CBT signups are now live on the official website ahead of the test's start date of February 10th. The studio didn't say how long the beta would stay live.

This is the next game released by HoYoverse after the smashing success registered with Genshin Impact, which means Honkai: Star Rail is bound to draw extra attention. Still, it's a far different game, beginning with its turn-based combat system.

Here's an overview of what you can expect in the Honkai: Star Rail final CBT.

In the Final Closed Beta, players will be able to experience the origin of the story in Herta Space
Station, and then set sail for the galaxy by exploring Jarilo-VI and Xianzhou Luofu, two major
destinations with distinctive culture and scenery: Jarilo-VI, an ice-cold planet, has innumerable
mysteries and dangers frozen beneath its snow caps awaiting further investigation. Xianzhou
Luofu, which is unveiled for the very first time, is a gigantic dreadnought belonging to the
Xianzhou Alliance, one of the most powerful and influential factions in the universe. As the
second stop of the trailblazer's grand journey, with its bustling cityscape and splendid architecture,
the Xianzhou Luofu foreshadows the upcoming expedition infused with eastern fantasy, where
tension ferments among various groups!

Besides roaming the worlds, uncovering mysteries, and bonding with characters, Trailblazers can
also build their four-person combat team from a wide range of playable characters, among whom
Bailu, Yanqing, Qingque, and Tingyun make their debuts. Players can hone their unique battle
skills to address different kinds of opponents through the thrilling strategy turn-based combat
system. In addition, the Final Closed Beta will see Honkai: Star Rail implement new gameplay
features such as co-op mode, companion missions, photo capturing, and more.

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