HomePod Will Add Support For Making Phone Calls, Confirms iOS 12 Beta 5


It was previously reported back in June that Apple was planning to add another oft-requested feature to its smart speaker, the HomePod. It was known at that time that HomePod would receive a bevy of new features with iOS 12. Now that the operating system is less than two months away, we couldn't be more anxious to know what those features might be. Some of the features include Find My iPhone, multiple timers and the ability to make phone calls. While not everything was confirmed at that time, we now have evidence in iOS 12 beta 5 that the HomePod will add support for making phone calls.

HomePod To Gain The Ability To Make Phone Calls As Confirmed in iOS 12 Beta 5

Apple has seen fit to release the fifth developer beta of iOS 12 yesterday that brings quite a handful of new additions to the table. It has been confirmed in the beta build that Apple's smart speaker will add support for making phone calls. It has been detailed in the setup screen of the HomePod that you can make phone calls.

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Currently, on iOS 11.4 the splash screen asks to "Enable Personal Requests" which includes adding reminders, sending and receiving messages, create notes and more. It does not mention that you can make phone calls. However, in the setup screen of iOS 12, all of the previously mentioned requests have been listed along with the addition of making phone calls.

The feature is mentioned at this point in time, but it does not necessarily mean that the feature will see daylight when iOS 12 goes live to the public. It rests with Apple whether it wants the feature to remain intact or remove it, which has happened in the past. Nonetheless, we're glad to see that Apple is planning to incorporate it as confirmed in iOS 12 beta 5. Henceforth, it will arrive sooner or later.

The HomePod will be updated to the latest build when iOS 12 is released to the general public later this fall. The feature could possibly be a work in progress and still needs to be tested out. There will be more to the story, so be sure to stay tuned in for more details.

This is all for now, folks. What are your thoughts on HomePod gaining support for making phone calls as confirmed in iOS 12 beta 5? Let us know in the comments.

News Source: 9to5mac