Hitman Receives New Trailer, PlayStation 4 Beta, Exclusive Content Detailed


Agent 47 is ready to make his glorious comeback in the next entry of the Hitman series and today more details on the PlayStation 4 beta and console exclusive content have surfaced online alongside a brand new trailer.

According to the Official PlayStation Blog, the Hitman Beta will be available first on PlayStation 4 starting February 12th. Players can get access to it by pre-ordering the Full Experience or the Intro pack from the PlaySTation Store. Pre-ordering the game will also allow players to get the Blood Money Requiem Pack.

The PlayStation Blog has also confirmed that PlayStation 4 players will also get exclusive access to exclusive content. The Sarajevo Six are six bonus contracts which tell a side story focused on former members of the paramilitary unit CICADA. The first of these six contracts will become available on March 11th.

The first PS4 exclusive contract will be available when the game launches on March 11th. We’re calling it “The Director.” Your target is Scott Sarno, Director of European Operations for the CICADA private military corporation. He is a thirty-year veteran of clandestine operations and has been linked to a number of questionable operations in Europe and the Middle East as far back as the mid-nineties. He is highly trained and incredibly observant, you should expect him to be accompanied by several CICADA agents at all times.

As mentioned above, a new Hitman trailer has also been made available today. The trailer, called World of Assassination, doesn't include any gameplay sequence, but it's definitely a good watch for those anticipating the return of Agent 47 on consoles and PC.

Hitman will launch as an episodic game on March 11th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Additional content will be made available throughout the year.