How to Disable iOS 7 Parallax Effect

Rafia Shaikh

Since the iOS 7 release, Apple support and discussion forums have been filling with complaints about the discontent with new OS's Parallax and zooming effects. Cases of having bouts of nausea, vertigo, dizziness, and motion sickness have been reported so far. While the Apple support have declined any possible steps to disable the overall effects, there is a way to disable iOS 7 Parallax effect.

Parallax effect in the homescreen makes the background move further behind as if it's far behind the icons. It is giving some users a similar feeling to having car-sickness. The effect is bright, new, fancy, and cool but well, comfort should be a priority. If you are one of those iOS 7 users who have been feeling discontent with the latest homescreen effects, you are definitely not the only one!

"Instead, most are pointing to the zooming effects that are now ubiquitous across iOS when opening and closing apps or entering the multitasking menu. "I had severe vertigo the minute I started using my iPad with iOS 7," writes Apple forum user glassrabit. "Lost the rest of the day to it." Another user, nybe, writes, "I had to go home 'sick' from work because of the intense nausea due to using my iPhone with iOS 7." - reports The Verge.

Here is how to disable iOS 7 Parallax effect on your Apple devices:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Now select Accessibility.
  4. and activate Reduce Motion.

Ta da! You have disabled the Parallax effect on your iOS 7 powered Apple device. No more background movements as you tilt your device! Remember, it will not affect the zooming multitasking effects as Reduce Motion option only helps you with home screen display effects. Let's hope we are close to some update tackling this problem, enabling us with an option to disable/enable it.

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