Here’s What Is New In iOS 12 Beta 2 In Terms Of Changes And Features

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Apple seeded beta 2 of iOS 12 recently on all compatible iPhone and iPad models. The company has made several changes and included a plethora of new additions as well. Apart from these, there are also under the hood performance upgrades so the overall user experience is much smoother and bug-free. So let's dive in to see some more details on what's new in iOS 12.

iOS 12 Beta 2 - Extensive Changes And Additions

Apple will release iOS 12 to the general public later this fall to all supported iOS devices. There will also be more beta versions available in the near future, which will further improve the system as a whole and will also add new forward-facing additions as well.

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iOS 12

We have compiled a list of changes part of the second beta of iOS 12.

  • Notes now updated with Add People glyph
  • Where's my iPhone in Siri
  • New 3D Touch animation for the Music app
  • Now Playing bar included in Music app's 3D Touch bar
  • New Camera shapes in Messages
  • Do Not Disturb Description updated
  • Manage Notification description updated
  • New Splash screen in Voice memo
  • Settings for Voice Memo updated
  • Rearranged Face ID and Passcode settings
  • "During BedTime" section in Notification Center
  • Data managed link in iTunes and App Store Settings
  • Face ID unlock animation is faster
  • Location icon rounded in shape in status bar
  • Prominent 'X' on Notification Center
  • Updated 3D Touch preview animation
  • Arrows in Siri Shortcuts
  • Blue AirPlay icon in Control Center
  • Spotlight in the browse section of News app
  • Memoji color options updated
  • Little to no app crashes and performance improvements
  • Bolder text in Manage Notifications
  • New animation when leaving Quick Reply
  • Disclaimer Text in Screen Recorder Platter Easier to read.
  • Hold Space Bar for trackpad now works on all devices
  • Battery Usage graphs updated
  • Battery Usage Time is now called Activity
  • FaceTime icon in Setting is updated
  • Less spacing in Settings app panels
  • Siri Suggestion toggles for Notifications updated
  • Updated toggle name for Siri and Search
  • Updated Print icon in Sharesheet
  • Updated Create PDF icon in Sharesheet
  • Updated Safari Reading List icon in Sharesheet
  • Larger ellipses icon in Sharesheet
  • iPad status bar now shows AM/PM
  • Face ID prompt updated
  • New Search interface in the App Store
  • New Personalization tab in the App Store
  • Media Types Text in Photos is now bolder
  • Settings search results have been optimized

These are some of the changes and new additions in iOS 12 beta 2. Be sure to note that there are other minor additions as well. There will be more to the story, so be sure to stay tuned in for more details.

This is all for now, folks. Have you installed iOS 12 beta 2 on your device? Let us know if you see any major changes apart from these.

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