Here’s How You Can Improve AMD FSR Quality in Dying Light 2


In our review of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, we noted that the game's implementation of AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) was very blurry and couldn't be compared to the image quality of DLSS in any way.

Reddit user TheHybred (who claims to be a former Ubisoft developer) has found a way to improve that by tweaking the configuration file, though. He notes that Dying Light 2 Stay Human does not offer the usual FSR Ultra Quality preset, and its sharpness value is also set too low.

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To change that, you'll have to go into your configuration file folder (%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Dying Light 2\out\settings\), rename video.scr to video.ini, open it with Notepad and change the following values.

Scale3D (0.666667) [controls the resolution, 0.77 is about what ultra quality would be]

FSR (1.000000) [controls FSR's sharpness 0-10]

Upscaler (3) [Selects what upscaler you're using. 0 none, 3 FSR]

Upscaling (3) [Controls what preset you're using. 0 performance, 1 balanced, 2 quality]

Then, rename video.ini back to video.scr. The result is a higher quality AMD FSR, though you might struggle with performance a bit. In that case, check out TheHybred's separate Optimized Settings guide. By the way, in the original post, TheHybred even speculated that the lackluster FSR implementation could be due to the game being sponsored by NVIDIA, though he also admitted that could be just a coincidence.

In other Dying Light 2 news, the game had a great launch commercially. On Steam, Techland's latest title hit nearly 275K concurrent players, six times higher than the original Dying Light. That was enough to get to the 23rd place in the all-time concurrent Steam chart, even though Lost Ark's huge launch already displaced Dying Light 2 to the 24th spot.

The first mods have already appeared on PC. If you still have to enter the so-called Modern Dark Ages, by the way, make sure to check out our fresh newcomers' guide.

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