Here’s How Apple Will Change The Way You Type And Store Your Earphones

After it was revealed that Apple was intending on releasing 64 GB iPods, the Cupertino smartphone giant giant’s next ambitious plan is to revolutionize the way iPhone users type and tuck their earphones away for storage purposes. In order to make both of these things possible, the company has filed not one, but two patents, which are as follows:

We have compiled details of both of these patents below so let us see how exactly it will change the way we interact with both our iPhones and earphones.

Apple Has Something That It Likes To Call Continuous Handwriting UI And Earphones With Left/Right Magnetic Asymmetry As Part Of Its Patent Filings

According to Tbreak Media, Apple has filed a Continuous Handwriting UI patent, which will allow the user to continue writing on their mobile devices without facing a breakage in their writing momentum whatsoever. While some might some say that it is similar to the workings on the swipe keyboard present on Android, it is going to be much more refined. The system for writing with continuous flow will be broken down in to two segments:

  • One part of the system will automatically recognize and clear handwriting dynamically
  • The second part will partially remove previously entered text
Apple files two patents; both will change the iPhone
Apple files two patents; both will change the iPhone

Using this method, users will effortlessly be able to write on the left or right hand side of the screen, which should allow them to write without breaking their flow. This kind of writing can be fulfilled by both a user’s finger or by using a stylus.

Coming to the earphones with left/right magnetic asymmetry, this particular patent filed by Apple will feature a magnet that will be placed in both earbuds. In an effort to prevent earphones become tangled all the time while storing away, Apple intends on making the storage process much easier. When both earbuds are brought close to one another, the reverse polarity of the magnets will allow both of them to stick together, which will become a walk in the park for the user intending on storing them away for later use.

Apple files two patents; both will change the iPhone
Apple files two patents; both will change the iPhone

Apple has currently not stated that if the new typing UI or earphones will be present in the company’s upcoming iPhone 6s, but it will definitely provide a killer mobile experience to future iOS users. As for earphones getting tangled up all the time, well let’s just that its days are numbered.

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