Hellblade Dev Diary Reveals Dark Visual Language of Senua

Ninja Theory has released another behind the scenes look at the making of Hellblade, showing us the visual language and style that they used, and why they chose to use it.

Hellblade dev diary takes us deep into what it means to make a character seem 'real'.

In the video, the developers talk about the process they went through in order to differentiate Senua from the usual characters found in games. They want you to be able to relate to her on some level.

"We wanted to make a real character, someone that you could look into and you felt 'this isn't a costume,' that this is a real person"

The idea is to create a character that seemed as if she actually could have been from that time period, breaking away from the typical heroine style that might rely solely on sexuality for entertainment. The image of Senua invokes a sense of having a real history, a dark past and a very complex personality. Of course the game shows us also what she interprets as reality as a result of her mental illness.

All in all it's a much darker take than is usually seen from Ninja Theory, or a lot of developers. That and it's a far more realistic take on life while at the same time being very fantastical in nature.

Hellblade will focus on three critical elements; melee combat, deep character-driven story, and a unique art vision. Taking those to the next level. Hellblade is currently under development for the PlayStation 4 and PC with a planned release for 2016. We will bring you any new information on Hellblade as soon as it becomes available.

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