Health Connect is an App Made by Google and Samsung To Manage All Your Health and Privacy Controls From One Spot

Furqan Shahid
Health Connect is an App Made by Google and Samsung to Manage All Your Health and Privacy Controls From One Spot

There was a time when Google and Samsung used to not get along at all due to how Samsung used to handle Android as a whole. I mean, if you look back, Samsung decided not to deliver the Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich on Galaxy SII by stating that the phone simply does not have the prowess to run the software. Which was later debunked by countless modders who made their own versions of the update. Both Google and Samsung now have been working in tandem to deliver the best possible experience as a united front, and today, Google has released Health Connect.

Google and Samsung's Initiative To Develop Health Connect Goes To Show How Both Companies Are Better Working Together

For those wondering, Health Connect is an app that is going to let you get access to all your health and fitness data across apps in a centralized place. The beta version is now available to download from the Play Store.

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Google decided to go to the blog post and talked about how Health Connect is going to let users share “health and fitness data across Android devices, with user consent.” Furthermore, if developers decide to integrate their apps Health Connect,  the new platform will go ahead and get all the information in a centralized location. So, suppose a fitness appt that you use regularly gets integrated with the new app by Google and Samsung; the data generated by that specific app will also show up in the new dashboard.

Google also delivered a gist of how this works:

For example, Android users will now be able to sync and get credit for their Peloton workouts in apps like Oura, MyFitnessPal, WeightWatchers and Lifesum. Now, through a single integration with Health Connect, Peloton Members will have the option to share their workout stats across the ecosystem of apps they use to support their overall wellness.

That is not all, Health Connect will also double up as a control center for all your privacy-related options. This is definitely a great offering since most of the time, you have to individually look for these options but having them all in one place is the way to go, and it will make the user experience a lot better.

The most surprising thing, however, is that Google has mentioned how Health Connect currently has over 10 fitness, health, and wellness apps that are already integrated with the platform. you can check the complete list here, with more apps coming in the future.

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