Halo MCC Xbox One X Enhancements and Patch Development Update Inbound; “Slow, Steady Drip of Info”

halo mcc xbox one x patch

343 Industries will be releasing some development updates regarding the Halo MCC Xbox One X enhancements and patch soon.

Community manager Brian Jarrard, who goes by the name of Ske7ch, confirmed this on the Halo subreddit. “No dates to share yet but we still plan to kickoff public testing this Spring and go from there”, he replied when asked when the Xbox One X enhancements and patch will arrive. “At the end of the day quality is paramount and trumps any schedule when push comes to shove. I'm working on ramping up some regular development update posts to share insights with everyone on the progress. I hope to kick it off in the next few days.”

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The community manager later clarified that it will be a slow, but steady drip of info instead of weeks of silence followed by a heavier update.

“Full disclosure it's going to be a slow, steady drip of info but I personally prefer that to weeks of silence peppered with infrequent meatier updates”, he said. “Plus this allows us to have some discourse and I can solicit questions from you all to address in updates when we might not have much else to talk about. :)”

343 Industries and Microsoft announced to fix Halo MCC alongside enhancements for the Xbox One X back in October of last year. “While we’re incredibly excited by this opportunity to go back under the hood with MCC, it’s not going to be easy nor is it going to happen overnight”, 343i wrote on its blog. ”To help facilitate this process we’re planning to roll out a public “flighting” program for MCC to allow for iterative patches and updates while testing in the wild at large scale. Right now, we’re targeting kicking this off next spring and when the time comes we’ll need the support of our community to help test and provide feedback at large scale as we work to update and improve MCC. We’ll share additional details and timing as plans are locked.”

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is available now for Xbox One. We will keep you updated on this matter.

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