Halo MCC PC Currently Won’t Support Xbox/PC Crossplay & Play Anywhere; Halo Reach Test Ready for Launch


Halo MCC PC won’t support Xbox/PC Crossplay and the Xbox Play Anywhere feature for now, Microsoft has announced.

That’s what Microsoft said during the SXSW Halo tournament livestream this weekend. While the PC version of the Halo Collection will support crossplay between Steam and the Windows Store, the publisher hasn’t decided whether the game will support Xbox/PC crossplay in the future. In addition, the team hasn’t made a decision whether Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere will be supported, although they are looking into options for Xbox One owners of the Halo MCC collection.

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Luckily, developer 343 Industries hasn’t ruled out crossplay between Xbox and PC players, but they first need to finish the PC version, and will require community feedback afterwards about console/pc crossplay support.

During the livestream, Microsoft also revealed that the PC test for Halo Reach, which will take place on Steam, is ready to be released, but that they are currently waiting for a large number of signups in order to launch the test.

Those interested in testing out Halo MCC on PC, can signup for the Insider Program right here.

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