Hacker Manages to Side-Load Google Play Store on Windows 10 Mobile


Hacker claims to have managed to get Google Play Store work on Windows 10 Mobile by getting rid of the primary issue preventing Android apps from working on Windows 10 Mobile devices. But, is it really true?

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Google Play Store on Windows 10 Mobile

Project Astoria in Windows 10 Mobile promises to bring Android apps on Windows platform. However, the thought of having all of the Google Play Store inside of Windows 10 Mobile devices is exciting for many users. Tapping into that market, a Polish hacker Karov_mm claims that he has managed to side-load Google Play Services on Windows 10 Mobile. There have been some earlier instances where hackers managed to side-load Android packages for Google Play Services to Windows 10 Mobile but they haven't been a major success story due to insufficient permissions.

Karov_mm has allegedly managed to elevate the permissions of the side-loaded files on Windows 10 Mobile using chmod from adb shell. He has shared the screenshots revealing that Google Play Services including the Play Store on Windows 10 Mobile is all working directly on the device.

If this hack actually works like the hacker claims, users will be able run all the Android apps that she likes on Windows 10 Mobile devices. This might be a great news for users having a long list of favourite Android apps as it will take developers some time until they port all the popular apps to the Windows 10 ecosystem.

There is, however, no confirmation of how well this reported hack actually functions. We'll keep you posted with any related updates but highly recommend you to stay away from all such hacks unless you are certain about their security and functionality.

What are your thoughts on having a part of Android environment inside the Windows ecosystem? Don't forget to share with us.

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