Gwent The Witcher Card Game Kill The Servers Stress Test Registration Now Open, File Size Revealed


Yesterday, CD Projekt Red confirmed that some lucky players will be able to try out Gwent The Witcher Card, the card game based on the mini-game introduced in The Witcher 3, before the closed beta begins next month thanks to the Kill the Servers stress test. Those interested in trying the game out tomorrow and next week may want to hurry up, as registrations are now open.

To gain access to the Gwent The Witcher Card Kill the Servers stress test, players only have to register a valid email address on the game's official website and install the Gwent The Witcher Card Kill the Servers edition via GOG Galaxy. The download is around 2.5 GB big, with the total install size being slightly higher, 3.8 GB.

As the name implies, the Gwent The Witcher Card Kill the Servers stress test is meant to test the game's hosting backend and see how everything reacts with a lot of players enjoying the game at the same time. The event will take place tomorrow from 5PM to 9PM CEST and on September 27th from 8PM until 12 AM CEST.

Gwent The Witcher Card closed beta launches on PC and Xbox One on October 25th, with the PS4 closed beta launching some time after. You can learn more about the game by checking out our own preview.