Gunnar Optiks Partners With Razer To Produce Blue-Light Blocking MOBA Eyewear


While today isn't the first collaboration that Gunnar Optiks has produced in partnership with Razer, the MOBA Razer Edition marks the first set of gaming eyewear the team has produced specifically for teens and young adults. Whether you believe in the blue-blocking lens technology that Gunnar Optiks produces can affect eye strain and gaming performance or not, that's a major demographic that's often been overlooked until now.

The MOBA Razer Edition is the newest line of gaming eyewear from Gunnar Optiks and one of the cheaper lines, too. Razer's previous collaborative model, the RPG Razer Edition, was a $99 pair of eyewear while collabs with Ubisoft featuring Rainbow Six Siege and Assassin's Creed Valhalla started at $79.99.

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  • Engineered for teens & young adults, the MOBA encapsulates the best features for both performance and protection when gaming for longer hours.
  • GUNNAR’s patented Amber lens technology, with ‘natural focus’, blocks 65% blue light and reduces dry eyes as well as other symptoms caused by extended exposure to digital screens.
  • Slim, lightweight temples designed for use with a headset plus a comfort-fit nose bridge means your glasses won’t distract you when your head’s firmly in the game!
  • Designed & built by GUNNAR – the #1 in gaming and the experts in performance enhancing, blue light blocking glasses.
  • Kit includes a Razer glasses pouch plus cleaning cloth packed in a Razer branded box for the complete brand experience.
  • Prescription also available!

SPECS:  lens width: 54 mm | nose: 18 mm | frame width: xx mm | temple: 120 mm | weight: 21 grams (without packaging)


  • Microfiber Pouch
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • 12-month Warranty

The Gunnar MOBA Razer Edition gaming glasses are available now direct from Gunnar Optiks as well as MOBA Razer Edition is priced at $49.99 for the standard amber-tinted lens while prescription models start at $199.99 and go up to $399.99 depending on need for progressive and transition lenses.