Guide to Get Lock Screen Widgets on Galaxy S4


It is very simple to get lock screen widgets on the hot new Samsung Galaxy S4 - the phone that does feature very useful functionality and apps to support your life while providing you all the entertainment at one spot! After un-boxing your Samsung Galaxy S4, it might look like you don't have the lock screen widgets on your Galaxy S4, but actually you only need to bypass a few settings to get those wonderful widgets on to your screen. By default, Galaxy S4 has only got the Clock widget but you can get many more Google, Samsung itself and other various third parties that offer Android 4.2.2 lock screen widgets!

So no more of the details and let's get to those few easy steps to get you the lock screen widgets right on your Samsung Galaxy S4 home screen!

How to get lock screen widgets on Galaxy S4:

  • First, go to Settings followed by My Device and then tap on Lock Screen.
  • Here, make sure that multiple widgets option is checked.
  • Once done, you should be able to swipe to right and add lock screen panels!

Ta da! Wasn't that easy peasy simple? The Samsung Galaxy S4 includes standard Google widgets along with those from Samsung that you can use as a remote control for your lock screen. Moreover, you can also download third-party widgets to improve the usability and functionality of your incredibly powerful Android phone!