Guerrilla On PS4 Pro Native 4K: “It’s Not” But “It’s Acceptably So”


Native 4K rendering is possible on Sony’s PS4 Pro, but only some titles will do so. The upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn from Dutch developer Guerrilla Games won’t be one of those titles, but according to Guerrilla’s managing director, Hermen Hulst, it’s close enough.

Sony announced the PS4 Pro during its PlayStation Meeting a few weeks ago. While some titles will render at native 4K, most of the titles will be rendered at a resolution very close to “real” 4K. According to Warner Bros. SVP of production and development, Peter Wyse, players can “expect resolutions that are up to 90 percent close to 4K”.

Following the PS4 Pro announcement, a lot of development studio’s pledged their support for the console through title updates or support out of the box.

One of those studio’s is Horizon: Zero Dawn developer Guerrilla Games, and in a recent interview with VentureBeat, managing director Hermen Hulst talked about developing for the PS4 Pro, and rendering in 4K.

According to Hulst, compared to the standard PS4, the visual difference will be “massive”, but the difference in how Guerrilla makes games is not. In fact, they only have one or two developers looking at the PS4 Pro’s specific hardware.

“The big thing about the Pro is it can handle 4K and HDR. First, I can tell you that it’s massive in terms of the visual difference, but it’s not massively different in how we make games. Our games have been running HDR since Killzone 3. But only now do we have displays that can actually show that”, Hulst explained.

“It’s not like we have separate teams working on different versions. We have maybe one or two technicians looking at the specifics of the hardware, but everybody’s making the game.”

Like most PS4 titles that take advantage of the PS4 Pro, Horizon: Zero Dawn won’t render at native 4K, but according to Hulst, the result will be close enough.

“There’s a lot of magic happening. It’s all very complicated and Mark Cerny has a fantastic seminar planned in a couple of weeks where he goes into the nitty-gritty of it. It’s not native 4K, but as you’ve seen for yourself on the screens, it’s acceptably so. It’s close enough that you can see the difference with normal human eyes”.

From what we’ve seen, Horizon: Zero Dawn is easily one of the best looking PS4 Pro titles to date, and we can’t wait for the game to release next year.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is slated for a release on February 28, 2017.