GTA Online’s Top 10 Features – Multiplayer Immersion Redefined.

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GTA Online's Top 10 Features

Top 10 Feature No.1:  One of its Kind MMO with Tons of Online Modes

GTA Online's Top 10 Features which make GTA Online a revolutionary game includes the fact that GTA Online is basically a very unique MMO, although according to recent reports the massive aspect only includes up to 16 Players at a time, nothing is certain. GTA Online will be based on a Forever Expanding Model and an online version of the trademark Grand Theft Auto Gameplay from Rockstar, with enormous maps that will always be continuously expanding. Most MMOs are fantasy based affairs or fps style but Rockstar’s GTA Online will combine the best of every world (literally) and give it to you in one hell of a deal.

Top Ten Feature No.2:  Go Cliff Diving, Book a Plane or Bomb a City

GTA Online is nothing but not diverse and the variety of options it offers is simply stunning. You could plan a Cliff Diving expedition with a couple of your buddies, or charter a plane to the edge of Los Santos. And if you are planning particularly down you could book a fighter jet and lay waste to great expanse of buildings, the world is yours. Qualifying this as our second of our Gta Online's Top 10 Features.

Top Ten Feature No.3: Steal Cars, get them Stolen and Showcase your loot

Experience the true meaning of Gran Theft Auto, as you steal cars or get them stolen via your buddies or AI characters to climb your way to be the ultimate King Pin. Being one of GTA Online's Top 10 Features it is quite a laugh because be careful though, if your buddy gets too jealous of your car he can steal your ride just as you did from a poor unsuspecting AI.

Top 10 Feature No.4: Play Along With AI Characters

This particular GTA Online Top Ten Feature is one of our favorite. Advances have been made into AI ( Bioshock Infinite’s Elizabeth was one prime example) and we are very curious to see how they incorporate AI Character into such a chaotic game as GTA Online. Will you go meat the AI Druglord or take your AI Body guard to rob a bank, either way it sounds one hell of a bonding experience.

Top Ten Feature No.5: Increase Your Level, Respect and of Course Cash

Complete missions and pull of heists to increase your respect your rank and earn cash. Invest in better accommodation, weapons and travel in style while climbing the social and criminal ladder of GTA Online.

Top Ten Feature No.6: Customize your Character’s Look and Life

Now this here is the very back bone of ANY MMO and ironically one of the major traits of any GTA Game as well, so it fits quite nicely. Whether you are robbing a bank in a leotard of going swimming in a suit, its totally up to you and if another player doesn’t like it, its time to Rocket Launcher his behind. That’s another thing you cant do in real life folks.

Top Ten Feature No.7: Pull of a Heist and Rob a Bank

Oh, this one is a gem in GTA Online's Top Ten Features. Just finished playing Payday 2: The Heist ? Single player too lonely for you? Don’t worry just call your real life buddies, organize plan and pull of an Italian Job on the richest Casino or Bank Around. Can’t decide how to split the loot? Hint: Rocket Launcher

Top Ten Feature No.8: Buy an Apartment or a Garage No. 8

GTA Online will allow players to buy and maintain their own apartments and garages in real time with other players. Showcase your Grand Theft Auto or sneak off to a friends Garage for a joyride or just to crash his prize car. Thats the best thing there’s no need to follow rules in GTA Online, morals, meh who needs them.

Top Ten Feature No. 9: Race With Cars, Planes, Jet Skis, Boats, ATVS and Everything Else

Its simple people, if you can drive it in GTA Online then you can sure as hell race it. GTA Online offers probably the most diverse Multiplayer racing solution in any game, covering nearly every vehicle that you can race on. Needless to say it made our GTA Online's Top 10 Features List.

GTA Online Top Ten features No.10: Design your own races and make your own death matches.

It will even allow you to make your own stuff and rules. Think the shopping cart from the super market makes a great thing to race on? Or you just want a death match in the supermarket. Create your own mini games and call in your buddies to try it out. Thats all folks, the last of our GTA Online's Top 10 Features.

GTA Online's Top 10 Features: Final Thoughts


Needless to say GTA Online has it all. You name it and odds are you can do it in GTA Online. We have often dreamed about games like this a sort of Second Life (Pun Intended to the Gamer who gets it) that you can just let go and GTA Online delivers. The Hype has gone through the roofs and the fact remains that these are all previews and the true thing might be different. However we here at Wccftech are very hopeful, because….. its Grand Theft Auto.



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