Rockstar Reveals GTA Online Trailer – Would Be Forever Expanding

Usman Pirzada

Rockstar hasn't failed to deliver since GTA 3 and it shows no signs of stopping now with the reveal of GTA Online's Trailer. What is more interesting is that GTA Online will be 'Forever Expanding'. Meaning Rockstar's GTA Online Universe according to the trailer will have constant content creation and possibly some old story arcs and locations from previous GTAs might be present as well.

GTA Online (GTA V's Multiplayer Mode) Revealed via Rockstars Trailer

Rockstar's Trailer shows GTA Online will be Forever Expanding World

Forever Expanding is very scary term for Video Game Developers, and we are surprised that Rockstar would say the same for its GTA Online Trailer. The Trailer Reveals both common and downright amazing multiplayer scenarios, from robbing a bank with your buddies, to water surfing, to underground street racing and even competing for the most dangerous trick in a stunt plane. Undoubtedly, Rockstar's GTA Online has it all, atleast thats what the trailer depicts.

Rockstar's GTA Online May Feature Old GTA Story Arcs and Places

Thats right, when Rockstar said 'Forever Expanding' in their trailer of GTA Online, this is included in the definition of Forever Expanding. Old places like Grove Street from San Andreas, Liberty City, Places from Vice City and Even locations from GTA 1 and 2 might make a comeback. Old Story Arcs or Mini Games from Previous GTA Franchises might pop up too.

Rockstar's Recent GTA Online Initiative is nothing but ambitious and GTA Online is quickly set to be 'the' game, with potentially everything you might find in any other game. The Forever Expanding part also means that like most mmorpgs the online content will never run out and thus GTA Online will never grow boring, all the while occasionally hitting the Nostalgia Button.

Rockstar's GTA Online Forever Expanding Might Mean a Subscription Fee


While GTA Online is originally set to be the Online Mode of Rockstar's GTA V, this might change. There are very hazy details but if the Devs over at Rockstar are going to be constantly updating the Online GTA game content then there might be a subscription fee. This is purely speculation, but Rockstar's History doesn't help and its not like this is going to be a static Online Multiplayer Venture like Call of Duty and other FPSes. This is why we suspect that sooner or later a subscription fee might just pop up.

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