Next GT Sport Patch 1.42 Expected to Arrive on August 27 With Rainy Conditions Following New York World Tour Event – Rumor

GT Sport Patch 1.42

The next Gran Turismo Sport update, GT Sport Patch 1.42, is expected to release on PlayStation 4 later this month on August 27.

At least that’s what GT-centered website GTPlanet reports based on a new Instagram post from Hungarian sim-racing site Race Online Hungary (ROH).

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The arrival of the patch would fall in line with the arrival of the game’s other major updates, and the date also matches with Polyphony Digital’s usual timeframe of revealing new content – during World Tour Events. The update is expected to arrive after this month’s New York Would Tour Event, which is taking place on August 24-25. Interesting to note is that ROH also mentions that the update will include wet weather conditions.

The information above appears to be plausible, but as Polyphony hasn’t confirmed the arrival of the patch yet, take this ‘leak’ with a pinch of salt for now.

GT Sport is available exclusively for the PlayStation 4. GT Sport Patch 1.41 was released two weeks ago.

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